This is another piece to pay respect to those that step up even when the children aren’t their own.  There are plenty of them out there and they deserve credit as well…

“Biological” Father


I know a man, who thus far has yielded no seed of his own,

But yet many look to him when they feel alone

Because their father is gone; he may have

Finished his course on earth or decided the time

Was not worth it sometime after birth.

Either way it is the adolescent that pays

For so many days and I continue to be amazed

At how resilient the children remain.


They still need a strong male force

In their lives to help steer their course

Helping provide what they’re missing from the original source.

That’s where this man I know comes into play,

He can and does demand a ban on excuses with what

They say and the misuse of the emotions that

They’ve kept at bay…


I also know that the man needs more help to reach

All the kids’ lives his impact is supposed to breach.

Especially with so many males in jail or in a world that

Feels like a living hell while they fail to bail

Themselves out of the sinking ship of their past;

No hope for the future because everyday they wonder

If their life is going to last or end fast at the sound

Of a gun blast.


So men, real men, please step up to the plate and help

These kids escape the fate that many will say has an

Inevitable date; spread the love and wisdom you have gained

From God to retain the youth and help allow them to attain

The goals that they set before, but began to wane due to the stains

Left in their hearts and souls from the void that remains.

Perfection is not needed for it is the pursuit of such that

Means you have so much to give; a calming word and

A delicate touch, but sharp as a knife when you know

Their life is on the line and the small strife will be worth

It in time.  I know a man who will appreciate that assist

And kids that push during their uphill climb.

I thank you real, true men.

Company Man…

Here is a little something to express what has been going on lately.  I know that I have been gone for a while, but now I have a lot to say and most importantly, a platform to say it…


Company Man



Yeah, things are way different these days,

But these times for many are still not nearly

What they say.

Even in 2010, “nigger” is still a common theme and

Ropes tied as nooses with it on the same team, as inside

My heart screams while dreams of equality constantly

Lose steam…

The American ideal of getting a degree, finding a

Fortune 500 job, and being placed on a salary, may

Really be just a fallacy.

With my promotion within three months and raise to boot,

All the time my respect they were trying to loot

And make all the success moot by putting my voice on mute.

Could I, Marcellus, be the token one?  The one put

Out front so an ethics review can be done with their name

Under the gun?

I know I’ve earned what I got, right?

It makes you under if out-of-sight, what’s done in the dark,

Will come to the light?

Promises of bonuses not kept, profit goals unmet, but you can bet

The company pet has all she’s supposed to get.

But I have to trust God to clear my path and keep me from

Revenge and wrath, as that is His job alone;

He will repay and atone for opportunities unfairly now gone.

Until then my patience can’t wane and I will refrain from

Taking things into my own hands and dealing with the pain

As I stay sane and win this game.

No one said it would be easy…

I suppose that only time will tell in the end, but the questions yet still remain.