Life’s Lessons

*Another young man lost to the streets.  When are we going to stop talking and do more?

Where are the real men out there today?
We just lost another boy in a violent way,
Led astray by the idea of an easy pay day.
Ray is no longer with us physically because
His spirit left his body as he lay on the pavement
In a wave of gun spray…
A life lost far too quickly, hitting like a
Ton of bricks when the news got to me.
A rain cloud so thick that it made my heart sick.

What men in his life showed him that
God is the plan to have true success
In this land and led by both example and talk,
Communicating the responsibility you speak with your
Words, but more importantly with how you walk?

Who took his competitive fire and molded it
To wade through Flint’s muck and mire?
Did anyone take that athletic skill and translate
It into life’s lessons to live in the prosperity of God’s will?
Did I do enough in the limited time we spent?
Did I owe him more than a pound and a hug when away he went?
I know this much, all real men need to step in,
Fill the void and foot the bill for the lives of these
Boys; to help them see the truth and escape all of the noise.

How can the depressing rain from the death of this young man
Not be in vain?
Only if we all learn from his life even
Through all the pain; “Rest in peace?” No,
I think not because his body is the only thing
Laying in the ground without a shot at
Impacting others now.  His spirit can still help
If we carry the lessons, both good and bad,
With everything we’ve got and all of our know-how.

So, what are we going to do men?