Where is Your Bible?

Based on II Timothy 2:15

THIS is my bible…

I am what it says that I am between the well-worn borders
Of these leather bounds.
It describes me to the nth degree on the tattered pages inside
As I obey and abide by the words written by God through
The hands of His scribes as He dictated His mind for all of
Us to read; now I take heed and believe the totality of
Everything He has in store for me.

This IS my bible…

Not was, but IS my bible;
Right now its words are for me, not just documents from
A distant past that used to be. It is my meat and substance
That fills me daily beyond anything that my limited
Imagination can even begin to see.
The printed, potent, poignant, pointed, powerful, precious,
Promising, passionate, providing, protecting, principled,
Penetrating, preferred, progressive, positive, and perfecting
Presenter of my purpose decrees that I am above all
The rest with no fee attached, but rather given to me for free
By the grace of my God Almighty.

This is MY bible…

I can do exactly what it says that I can do and it is the director of
My destiny. I can be exactly what it says that I can be, and in
Fact every promise from the Old and the New was fulfilled
By Jesus and is for me! You cannot have what is mine from
What I have sown, oh no, you gotta go get your own! The
Promises and purpose for my life may just be mine and for
You maybe to dine off of what is left when I’m done on my time;
That’s fine if all you want is a negligible nugget and only the
Crest of what is really yours. Open your own eyes to the prize that
Will enable you to rise to where your own potential lies.

This is my BIBLE

It is the everlasting Word of the only true and living God!
Its infallible nature allows me to believe every sentence written
Within, without hesitation, because I see the manifestation
In my life though the duration, of time…
There is no more condemnation for me in Him while He is
Designing my designation and being the source of the creation
Of my faith that I have been ordained to come into the
Realization of, with supernatural results as my confirmation.
The Beliefs and Instructions that Birth new Life in me Everyday
Is what I know it to be, giving little ol’ me the strength through
Him to make the enemy flee and keep my mind perfectly at ease
And peace. It is controlling my body and commanding my soul
To reach His goals for my life in this role that I am in as a
Voice to people on the planet as a whole…


Don’t you see that now?
It is the most important and only collection of books by which
We are to pledge and solemnly vow until such a time when
Every knee will have to proclaim and bow, when God will
Allow us to enter into His glory and magnificent light.
My plight is certain and sure, but what about yours?
Have you taken hold to your bible as your life line or has
It sat around collecting dust over time and you’re missing out
On the great finds inside while I am getting mine?
My friends, this Word is the only way to get what you really
Need in this life throughout all the strife, trials, and
Tribulations that will come. I can tell you this one thing,
If you really grab hold to it, you will never have to go
Back from where you’ve come from.

Will you get yours?

Life’s Lessons

*Another young man lost to the streets.  When are we going to stop talking and do more?

Where are the real men out there today?
We just lost another boy in a violent way,
Led astray by the idea of an easy pay day.
Ray is no longer with us physically because
His spirit left his body as he lay on the pavement
In a wave of gun spray…
A life lost far too quickly, hitting like a
Ton of bricks when the news got to me.
A rain cloud so thick that it made my heart sick.

What men in his life showed him that
God is the plan to have true success
In this land and led by both example and talk,
Communicating the responsibility you speak with your
Words, but more importantly with how you walk?

Who took his competitive fire and molded it
To wade through Flint’s muck and mire?
Did anyone take that athletic skill and translate
It into life’s lessons to live in the prosperity of God’s will?
Did I do enough in the limited time we spent?
Did I owe him more than a pound and a hug when away he went?
I know this much, all real men need to step in,
Fill the void and foot the bill for the lives of these
Boys; to help them see the truth and escape all of the noise.

How can the depressing rain from the death of this young man
Not be in vain?
Only if we all learn from his life even
Through all the pain; “Rest in peace?” No,
I think not because his body is the only thing
Laying in the ground without a shot at
Impacting others now.  His spirit can still help
If we carry the lessons, both good and bad,
With everything we’ve got and all of our know-how.

So, what are we going to do men?


This is another piece to pay respect to those that step up even when the children aren’t their own.  There are plenty of them out there and they deserve credit as well…

“Biological” Father


I know a man, who thus far has yielded no seed of his own,

But yet many look to him when they feel alone

Because their father is gone; he may have

Finished his course on earth or decided the time

Was not worth it sometime after birth.

Either way it is the adolescent that pays

For so many days and I continue to be amazed

At how resilient the children remain.


They still need a strong male force

In their lives to help steer their course

Helping provide what they’re missing from the original source.

That’s where this man I know comes into play,

He can and does demand a ban on excuses with what

They say and the misuse of the emotions that

They’ve kept at bay…


I also know that the man needs more help to reach

All the kids’ lives his impact is supposed to breach.

Especially with so many males in jail or in a world that

Feels like a living hell while they fail to bail

Themselves out of the sinking ship of their past;

No hope for the future because everyday they wonder

If their life is going to last or end fast at the sound

Of a gun blast.


So men, real men, please step up to the plate and help

These kids escape the fate that many will say has an

Inevitable date; spread the love and wisdom you have gained

From God to retain the youth and help allow them to attain

The goals that they set before, but began to wane due to the stains

Left in their hearts and souls from the void that remains.

Perfection is not needed for it is the pursuit of such that

Means you have so much to give; a calming word and

A delicate touch, but sharp as a knife when you know

Their life is on the line and the small strife will be worth

It in time.  I know a man who will appreciate that assist

And kids that push during their uphill climb.

I thank you real, true men.